“You wouldn’t want to see my handwriting, it is such a mess”
“I bet you would like to look at their handwriting?”
“My writing changes all the time, is that alright?”

These are the most frequent responses I receive as soon as I declare what I do for a living, which often precedes a momentary unspoken concern such as “I hope you won’t find anything awful in my writing”. Allow me to reassure you on all of these points. 

Yes, I love to see messy handwriting, it is very interesting to analyse and shows that you are not afraid to be yourself and to stand out from the crowd. 

Yes, I would love to look at someone’s handwriting who is ‘spirited’ or ‘expressing themselves in a certain way’, it is always intriguing to find out what triggers an emotion or reaction, as well as what provokes a need to rant or buck the trend. 

Yes, it is perfectly alright that handwriting can change day to day, it is simply following your mood, or signalling ‘where you are at’ on any given day, allowing you to subconsciously express your thoughts, impulses or feelings. 

As for finding something ‘awful’, well of course, that is open to individual interpretation which may range from moments of irritability and moodiness to suggestions of a possible behavioural disorder. Being realistic, we are all prone to ‘off moments’ or even ‘off days’, perfection is hard to define and let’s face it, could prove particularly dull.

What makes us human is our innate ability to put on a happy or brave face, regardless of what may be going on under the surface. The mask we wear in some of our ‘meet-and-greet’ routines could win Oscars. Yet we do it, without thought or question, in our attempt to conceal our inner tangible worries, insecurities and concerns.

However, if the perceived ‘negative stuff’ was to be excluded from your ‘portrait’, you run the risk of overlooking what could be vital personal know-how and self-knowledge. It is the work of an analyst, of course, to uncover and offer insight or explanation into the possible origins that cause disquiet. We are not therapists, but practitioners who produce factual reports upon the graphological evidence, as presented to us, at the time it was written.

Graphology, like medicine, is not an exact science. However, by observing, measuring and evaluating what has been produced between your brain and your hand, whilst putting pen to paper is noteworthy. The culmination of neural pathway activity, personality, psychological make-up, impulses and reactions are transmitted onto paper, just like a cardiograph, a fingerprint, or a piece of DNA. It tells your story, and yours alone.

Graphology is therefore ideal for anyone who does want to know a little bit more, for those brave enough to deal with their own personal foibles and truths. So, by examining and evaluating different aspects of your handwriting, I am able to ascertain some, or all, of the following and quite often a lot more.

Allow me to help you with some of the following:

Let me help you answer the following:

If there is anything specific you wish to explore further then please state which areas in particular you wish me to look at.

In addition, many singular traits will be evaluated to either weaken or strengthen the above, which may potentially trigger other reactions or behaviour. This is the beauty of graphology, we get to know our quirks and idiosyncrasies that make us who we are. You, and others, will be given a timely reminder that we are all truly unique, each of us having our own blue-print, just like our fingerprints and DNA.