The Cambridge School of Graphology.

Peter West – Colours of Ink .

Star-Wave-Test – Across the Life Span, Thanks and gratitude to Dafna Yalon and Graziella Pettinati.

For all those who have given their kind permission and/or made generous contributions in handwriting and drawings – you know who you are, and I am full of gratitude to you all.

Thank you for the continuing support of Barbara Weaver, John Jameson-Davis and co-colleagues from the British Institute of Graphology including Ruth Rostron, Susan Ord and John Beck.

In memory of my early mentor the late Bridget Hickey – Master graphologist.

A very special thank you to Emma Webster for her help and contribution to my Star-Wave work.

Thanks to Prontaprint Darlington

Thanks to my Friends & Family for their continued support.