General Report

Offering a comprehensive overview of your personality.

Ideally requires handwriting with a preferred pen or biro, on two separate sheets (one side only) of unlined A4 paper (do not use pencil or felt tip), complete with signature. One sheet would do, but two is always better.

The best way to start is relaxing with your favourite pen and a sheet of unlined A4 paper, then start to write about anything that comes to mind. Once you have finished please sign and date it. Please also note that to get the most accurate result a General Report can take up to three weeks to complete.

Perceptions are changing toward Graphology

Having had recent talks with a psycho-analyst, a counsellor and a child therapist they all agree how helpful the concepts of graphology could be in identifying areas of interest for the benefit of their clients. They each found the handwriting aspect together with the Star-Wave test interesting and surprisingly enlightening being eager to learn more.

Carl Jung himself agreed that one true way to avoid pre-conceived subjectivity between analyst and client was through graphology.
This fact is so often overlooked yet is so vitally important and I for one, wish to remind professionals how valuable this stepping stone service could be for all concerned. 

The main plus points for ‘pre-therapy’ profile reports are:
• The client has made the first step, being happy to find out more about themselves
• The ‘feeling’ of being analysed has been removed as the personality profile has already been done ‘behind the scenes’ as it were
• Certain areas of concern are highlighted allowing therapist/analyst and the client to get to the real issues quicker
• The client’s needs can be tailored for prior to therapy
• Both client and therapist commence their sessions from a similar place of knowledge post analysis
• The client has seen their profile in black and white softening the impact of further analysis
• A report usually helps clients to engage more readily with what has been identified

From my discussions with other professionals, I am now firmly of the belief that graphology needs to be experienced first-hand to be able to fully appreciate its true value and merit.

As a graphologist, I regard this ‘stepping stone’ service between client and therapist/counsellor as an easier transition into seeking further support and help, proving to be informative and helpful for all concerned.

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For Couples,  Businesses, Teams & Groups. 
(From the feedback I have already received these reports have been particularly helpful and enlightening.)

Finding the right partner is obviously an important factor for couples as well as business colleagues. A good ‘match’ can determine whether relationships are likely to survive the test of time as the day-to-day realities or possible impediments unfold.

We all occupy, share or oppose differing outlooks, depending on our personalities, mood, ideals and characteristics which define who we are and what we hold dear.

When meeting someone new, it is natural to want to impress them and put our best side forward, unless of course there is instant disharmony, in which case, our natural and spontaneous nature can soon surface. So what is likely to happen when two contradictory or comparable personalities merge or unify to form a partnership or team?

A Compatibility Analysis Report can be viewed as a ‘yardstick’ to see whether your relationship is resilient or adaptable enough, to allow life’s challenges to test the boundaries, especially after the initial excitement and/or euphoria fades.

A Compatibility Report will consider the following aspects, depending upon whether it is for a personal relationship or for business purposes. Depending upon the content of the handwriting, other features may automatically be added or detracted as a consequence.

Sexual compatibility
Depth of Emotion
Goal setting
Social Attitudes
Coping mechanisms
Noticeable differences

For couples, the findings of a Compatibility Report will identify
possible areas of concern in terms of weakness or strength in relation to that of the other person. Ideally, with a more informed level of understanding and consideration, your relationship should naturally evolve and strengthen.

For business partnerships, teams and groups, the findings of a Compatibility Report will identify what may happen when different personalities are brought together. It can help establish whether a degree of harmony can be sustained in the interests of communication, productivity, team building and goal aspiration.

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A Quick Example of Handwriting Analysis

Trait Spotting Only

The following sample of handwriting was very kindly volunteered, at very short notice, for the purposes of this website. It belongs to someone who, up until then, I had only acknowledged in passing.

Being just over three lines long, there is not enough writing to create a full portrait of the writer. To do a full and thorough profile
justice, I would require between one to two sides of A4 paper. However, it is good to show that even with a short piece of handwriting, distinctive traits can be spotted. 

The writer is male, right handed and is approaching retirement – I was able to spot the following from the writing below. This writer is someone who is warm, cheerful and friendly. He feels passionate about things and is very responsive. His heart rules his head and his feelings influence his decisions.

Being an extrovert, he feels more secure when people are around
him. However, he also has a need for privacy and solitude. Therefore he has adopted a precautionary measure of instinctively keeping people at arms’ length until he is sure of them.

Should he become upset by something, it could take a little while before he is ready to let go of it. He may be prone to moments of anxiety and upset.

Having a certain amount of impulsiveness, he likes to look forward and set achievable goals which he will follow through. He does have a stubborn streak and can assert himself when he needs to. He can also be diplomatic.

The future and all the uncertainty it can bring, may quietly hold him back. Although he thinks well of himself and his abilities, his self-confidence can dip at times. Despite this he is keen to create and make a good impression.

Being independent minded, he likes to judge things for himself. He is studious rather than curious, seeking information as he needs it. He is analytical, holds good levels of concentration and uses clear thinking. He is careful to attend to the finer details and small print. When he is focused, he may become irritable if interrupted.

Overall, his energy levels are good, however, there are indications that moments of rest are also needed, here and there.

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All report types require an up-to-date sample of handwriting. In accordance with the code and ethics of Graphology, THIS MUST BE YOUR OWN HANDWRITING. Ideally, your first paragraph should act as a declaration of such and must always be accompanied by your signature and current date. Other people’s handwriting will not be accepted without prior discussion whereupon written permission is likely to be sought and accompanied by the writer’s signature, full contact details and a date of consent. All reports are confidential and are prepared in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

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