If you write like this, then you are likely to have an air of naturalness and be viewed as being warm, friendly and sociable. You are expected to be practical with a good deal of common sense. Being optimistic, you possibly will encourage those around you. Your priorities mainly rest with day to day issues.
If you write like this, then you are likely to enjoy a sense of duty. Your head is likely to rule your heart. You will be reflective, determined and it is highly likely that sudden changes may prove unsettling. It will be important to have your needs met.
If you write like this, you wish to be seen as an individual in your own right. Once you have thought things through, you like to get straight on with things without delay. You are likely to have an objective and direct manner with your emotions usually put to one side. Although sociable, personal space is important too. 
If you write like this, you are likely to be warm, friendly and like to socialise. You are very aware of what is going on around you and like to know what the future holds. People are important to you, however some people may be held at a distance.
If you write like this, you are likely to be someone who can effortlessly glide from one thought to another. Being active and getting involved in lots of different things is highly likely. You may also have difficulty in saying ‘no’ to your boss, family, friends or colleagues. You would not enjoy a quiet, monotonous or sedentary job.
(This writer suffers with dyslexia) - If you write like this, your self-image and how other people perceive you are important factors, which relate to fluctuating confidence levels. You will enjoy being where the action is, as well as, chatting about different activities you have been involved with. Although life may appear to be battle at times, you have enough endurance and persistence to adapt.