A test to establish the maturity of kindergarten and pre-school children, analysing cognitive & motor development in readiness for school. Which does so much more, proving ideal for all ages.

I first became aware of the Star-Wave-Test, when I saw a book by Dafna Yalon at a graphology seminar, whilst still a student. I was instantly captivated and fascinated by it in equal measure, and rightly so. I purchased the book and promised myself then, that I would read and learn more about this research upon completion of my studies, which I have. I am staggered by the amount of information that is available from what, on first sight, appears to be such a simple drawing test. The instructions are: “draw a starry night sky over ocean waves”.

I couldn’t wait to try it out on my friends and family, young and old and once again becoming more enthused and surprised at the insight and results it brings, having thought I knew or understood my family and friends well!

The Star-Wave-Test (SWT) is a truly insightful drawing tool which can be used independently of, or in conjunction with, handwriting analysis. Although a pencil drawing, it is very much based on graphological holistics and concepts which produce a gestalt picture of personality which is otherwise unseen. It is used by graphologists and psychologists, having been originally devised by a German graphologist and educational psychologist Ursula Avé-Lallemant. Her colleague Dafna Yalon has used the SWT in her work with family therapy and learning disabilities and followed it up with further prize winning research. Originally it was introduced to assess the maturity of kindergarten children in readiness for school, analysing cognitive development as well as emotionality and behaviour. It soon became apparent that it could be rolled out to anyone aged 3 years to adult.

Although it can be fun and insightful, it proves to be a particularly good indicator for anyone who has experienced trauma or deep upset. ‘Silent’ distress soon becomes apparent to the trained eye. It can further identify hidden conflict and repressed memories. Some negative symptoms or behaviour, if caught early enough, can be prevented from becoming permanent habits. With this is mind, counselling, therapy or further intervention may be suggested.

Some of its many delights include:

- It is age friendly. 
- It is quick to do. 
- It is universal to apply.
- No language barriers. 
- No handwriting required.
- It is time-line indicative.
- If supervised properly, it does not feel like a test.

Having had a paper published for the Association of Qualified Graphologists and a paper due to be published by the British Institute of Graphologists it is becoming clearer to me that a Star-Wave drawing offers a deeper understanding of the unconscious elements of personality.

Therefore, I would strongly recommend that a drawing be done in conjunction with a handwriting sample. The feedback from my clients who have submitted both appear to confirm this. If you are happy to do this please contact me prior to drawing as there are easy yet specific requirements attached.

I am happy to talk to or instruct professional bodies on the basics of administering the SWT drawing. Particularly teachers, carers or mentors who would benefit from gaining further insight into the emotional or behavioural issues of those in their charge.

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