I am a handwriting analyst, forensic graphologist and tutor. Although my main work involves analysing and evaluating handwriting, it also extends to evaluating pencil drawings too.

I studied graphology with, and currently tutor for, the Cambridge School of Graphology. I am also a member of the Association of Qualified Graphologists (AQG).

Previously, I have enjoyed a wealth of work experience incorporating law,social research and agriculture, I feel privileged to have met and worked with so many people from all walks of life, who between them have encountered,handled and in some cases triumphed over some of the most challenging circumstances and situations that life can produce. From the most confident and enterprising to the disillusioned and downhearted they each have their story to tell.

My aim is to help people who may benefit from learning more about themselves,not in a self-absorbed way but by accepting and welcoming self-knowledge. Perhaps,those who feel they have not quite reached their full potential yet. Employers,too, may benefit from ‘inner know-how’ when it comes to team building or selecting the most appropriate job candidate.

To ‘know thyself ‘is not for the faint-hearted. To bravely acknowledge who we are, gives an element of honesty and truth which allows us to fit in and comfortably accomplish what we need to, or maybe a little bit more. Being true to ourselves is the starting block. Personal growth and development quickly follows. With confidence and self-belief, positive and realistic goals can be set and achieved. Obstacles along the way, will then hopefully serve as a learning curve and not a disappointing blow.

To know how and where we stand as an individual is great, however, to know how and where you stand in a group is better. This is where true potential lies and where strength and success can really take shape. After all, each of us have different work to do and we all have the ability to do certain things well.Please allow me, to help you find your true place and potential

Bernadette Hunt Dip CSG, CSG.cde