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This testimonial was received after delivering 9 management reports for ALM Products which is a very successful small to medium size manufacturing company based in the North East of England

Tony Thompson - Managing Director
I found the Star Wave Test very interesting. The children involved enjoyed the experience of meeting Bernadette and completing the activity. It was simple to execute and did not take up much time which is appreciated in a busy day. Bernadette was very professional and easy to talk to, she clearly explained her findings and was happy to answer questions about the whole process and specific queries arising through the feedback. I particularly found it helpful in clarifying my thinking about the presentation and needs of pupils. It allowed me to focus on next steps in terms of assessment and levels of support. I would recommend SWT for professionals who are concerned about a child but unable to evidence or pin point those worries and who need a direction of travel in identifying next steps.

Emma Webster - North Tyneside
I didn't realise graphology could reveal so much, the report has helped me both personally & professionally. The report is very well structured and it provides an in depth insight. I would highly recommend any school, business or individual getting one of these reports done.

K - Bishop Auckland
I am impressed by the graphology report I received from Bernadette. Thorough and well written, it revealed amazingly accurate traits of my character and personality. Some I was aware of but some came as a revelation to me and on reflection I can see how much part of me they are. I am astounded by how much work goes into such reports from the initial analysis to the finished , well presented product.

V.M. Biddiscombe
I submitted my handwriting sample and Star-Wave drawing to Bernadette, as I was intrigued to know how the analysis could be applied to my own personal development. I wasn't prepared for the level of information Bernadette extracted. The accuracy of Bernadette's findings, around my strong traits in particular, made my jaw drop! Parts of the analysis were hard to read - it highlighted aspects of my personality and character that I was already aware of (dating back to my childhood) but had up to that point chosen to ignore. It gave me genuine food for thought. I now have a very useful tool to help me address the things that are holding me back from being truly successful in my business life, and from being completely comfortable in my own skin. From a few paragraphs about a tennis match, she has taken me on a journey of self-discovery that I didn't think was possible.

Debbie Barber - Founder of Wellbeing...unlimited
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Excellent - Brilliant - Uncannily Accurate - Enjoyable & Fascinating

Feedback from British Institute of Graphology on my recent Star-Wave-Test presentation.
Not sure what I was expecting when I sent my handwritten essay off to Graphologist Bernadette Hunt. I became interested when I read the analysis of Richard III’s handwriting and the lockdown during the Covid-19 pandemic presented a perfect opportunity for some serious introspection!
To say I was blown away by the in depth assessment of my handwriting is to put it mildly! The report was well presented and easy to understand. But the amount of work that had so obviously gone into it was astounding! I recognised myself immediately - even aspects of my personality that I was subconsciously trying to evade or totally ignore, were apparently there for a trained Graphologist to see.

It was so accurate and nothing escaped Bernadette’s thorough investigation. There were also one or two revelations that I was not expecting at all and I
know that that deep knowledge of myself will help me in the future! If only I had done this years ago?! And I’ll say again - I cannot draw! But even there, Bernadette saw aspects of my character which truly amazed me! To be honest, it’s almost NOT possible for someone, anyone - to understand another human being’s character, foibles and even fears, but this is what Bernadette has done!? I am so pleased I did this and I feel that although Bernadette is very professional and I suppose ‘detached’ from me (I live in Australia for a start!)
I have made a friend who rightly or wrongly - understands me completely!
Thank you, Bernadette. An amazing adventure for me!

J Taylor - NSW, Australia
Do not hesitate to contact Bernadette. Her professionalism, knowledge, experience, empathy and confidentiality will skilfully, gently, and reassuringly be revealing and enlightening.

TC - Co Durham