BH Graphology take client care, privacy and confidentiality very seriously. Which is why every effort is made to abide within current codes of conduct as specified by the Association of Qualified Graphologist and the Data Protection Act 2018 incorporating GDPR regulatory guidelines. 

The only information BH Graphology require from clients are as follows: 

Name, email and/or postal address ensuring the correct profile and/or information is directed to the right recipient.
Age & Gender in order to determine ‘life stage’ factors which may influence handwriting/drawing. Disabilities and/or health issues (if thought relevant by the client) in order to make the necessary assessments regarding handwriting quality and style. 

All information is securely stored with BH Graphology using up to date and recognisable computer software. Upon receipt of any profile deposit, further safeguarding and security advice will be issued, discussed and implemented.  

Completed personality profiles will be held by BH Graphology for 2 months, unless instructed otherwise, to allow the client to discuss any relevant factors or issues arising from their profile(s). After 2 months, unless otherwise instructed, BH Graphology will delete all information relating to contact details, profile notes or profile content with all such actions recorded in accordance with GDPR regulations 2018.  

BH Graphology reserves the right to hold contact information whereby a client or prospective client has indicated interest in any forthcoming graphological event until such time the said client or prospective client withdraws such permission or that the forthcoming event has taken place. Stored personal information in these circumstances will be reviewed regularly.  

Any special or specific category data will be considered separately for each individual or groups of individuals should any specific factors be brought to the attention of BH Graphology and this will be reviewed regularly. 

BH Graphology, on occasion, may request a second opinion from another qualified graphologist when assessing complex handwriting and reserves the right to do so. If this should occur all identifiers other than age, gender and handedness will be removed or withheld. The client will be informed accordingly for the purposes of accurate reporting and there will be no extra cost to the client (unless in exceptional circumstances whereby the client will be informed as and when further costs are being discussed). 

Payment systems used by BH Graphology are covered by individual security policies and procedures which apply to their respective bank security and online banking practice. PayPal will be used for online profiling. 

Professional conduct, principles and pride should ensure that your experience with BH Graphology will be a pleasing and rewarding one. However, I trust that if a client is not completely satisfied with the service or product received they will take every early opportunity to discuss their concerns with me in order for me to rectify any genuine concerns or issues within a reasonable time frame.

BH Graphology reserve to right to refuse profile or forensic work if insufficient material or evidence are forthcoming or it is deemed in the best interest of the client to do so.  

Bernadette Hunt - Dip CSG, CSG Cde